Repairs and Restorations

Offering Repair, Restoration, and Custom Guitar Services

At Neely Guitars, we bring a broad spectrum of guitar repair, restoration, and rebuild experience into every project we take on. Count on us for advanced custom work for your beloved guitar.

Our Expertise

With more than 40 years of experience in repairing and restoring instruments, our founder, David Neely, has worked on just about every kind of damaged guitar you can imagine. Our extensive industry background gave us the opportunity to correct, repair, rebuild, and restore major damages to many fine and vintage instruments.

Our Services

Repairing and restoring rare and valuable guitars is one of the most common requests that David receives. We can restore most guitars to mint condition. This process adds sturdiness and stability to your instrument, resulting in greater longevity for extended use.

For collectible antique guitars, the actual goal is not to make it look like new. Doing so would destroy the value of the instrument. In this case, we remove all of the negative parts of the guitar and work with what is left. A great repair or restoration will preserve the character of the instrument so that the effect of time will fade into the background.

Some of Our Projects

David recently did a restoration work on an old 1902 Martin 00-45 guitar for actor Richard Gere. This model was one of only three prototypes ever produced. The handmade quality of the instrument was so special and the restoration was so complete that Martin even reintroduced the guitar.

Legendary guitarist Steve Howe entrusted the prized 1964 Gibson he used on all of those classic YES albums to David’s hands – and that’s an undeniable seal of approval and testimony to David Neely’s expertise.

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