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A Complete Custom Guitar Shop Offering the

Factory Authorized Gold Level Service for: Martin, Gibson, Fender, Taylor, Gretsch, Guild, Epiphone, and more.

For custom-made instruments, turn to Neely Guitars. We are a highly rated shop known for our guitar restoration, repair, and customization services. Our shop has worked with an EXTENSIVE list of musicians. [Scroll below for our client list]

Customized Guitars for Every Artist

Whether you play jazz, blues, rock, country, classical, folk, or fusion, every musical genre requires a distinct approach. Because of this, each guitarist has different requirements when it comes to their musical instruments. To meet the demands of every style, each guitar needs to have its own balance in terms of wood, strings, acoustics, and electronics.

Personalized Instruments for Your Needs

By working with many prominent guitarists and bassists from around the world, David Neely has developed repair and customization techniques to meet the high-quality demands of both studio and stage instruments. David discovered long ago that no amount of signal processing could make up for a defective instrument. If your guitar sounds right, the other factors of music making are easy.

All too often, manufacturers do not understand how real musicians use their instruments onstage or in the studios. This leaves room for many aftermarket modifications. That is where Neely Guitars comes in. We work with you to customize your instrument according to your personal specifications.

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